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everyone is your customer
  • Websites Introduce your company through internet
  • E-shop Sell your products through internet all over the world
  • e-Consulting We become your very own internet marketing department
  • Idea Investing You have an idea? Share it with us

Why choose DragNDrop ?

We are a company dedicated in making a beautiful and easy to use online experience. During the years we have developed and/or designed websites for a wide variety of companies ranging from well established brands to start-ups that wanted to make a their presence known and each time devoted our knowledge in creating a suitable solution in their every demand.


Choosing DragNDrop is the first step in creating a healthy web profile.


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11 Nov 2014

Facebook is adding a “Donate Now” button to users’ News Feeds to help raise money to fight Ebola.

11 Nov 2014

The World’s Best Beards and Mustaches Compete In Portland (and Defy the Laws of Gravity)

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